The first coffee box- Love Coffee Roasters

Hi coffee lovers!

We are super excited to announce our first roastery collaboration which we know you will enjoy a lot. Love Coffee Roasters is a small roastery based in Lund, a city full of students, in the southern part of Sweden.

Love Coffee Roasters have roasted great coffee since 2009. Until barely one year ago they were just a roastery, but last autumn they opened a coffee bar in the centre of Lund.

In the coffee bar they have a large selection of goodies when it comes to coffee, everything from a great pour over to a big selection of brew gear and freshly roasted coffee by the bag.

Love Coffee Roasters puts love into everything they do, it’s obvious when you get the opportunity to try their great coffee. The love reaches into the relationship with the coffee farmers and their focus on creating a great tasting, sustainably grown coffee. All the way from crop to cup.

Daniel and Peter, the founders of Love Coffee Roasters, have a wide experience with coffee and have been working with specialty coffee since the early 2000s. Both Daniel and Peter have competed in the Barista Championship. Daniel won his first National Barista Championship in 2002 and in 2012 he scored as number four in the World Barista Championship.

The roastery and the coffee shop are in two separate buildings, the roastery is situated a few kilometers from the city centre. This is where Peter spends his time to get the roast profile they want, while Daniel make sure that they have got the most fantastic green coffee to work with.

We are proud to have such experienced and passionate guys with us this month. If you want to try Love Coffee Roasters' wonderful coffee, be sure to sign up now!