Great coffee, EVERY month


Based in Sweden we are surrounded with a great amount of world class coffee roasters.
Our vision is to share their coffee with you.

The finest coffee, delivered to your doorstep

We know coffee isn’t just a morning thing. We know coffee can be full of flavours and experiences, and that every coffee is unique. We know there are so many great coffee roasters out there, roasting their coffee to perfection. What if we could help you discover them?

Every month we pick an interesting small batch roaster, and we ask them to send us their best coffees. We cup them, sniff them, brew them, until we find three amazing coffees. We put our favourite coffees in a box and send them straight to your doorstep.

We love good coffee, and we know what good coffee tastes like. We want you to easily explore coffee from countries around the world roasted by the best artisan coffee roasters. With our choice of specialty coffee from a new coffee roaster every month, you will be just as overwhelmed as we are, what these craftsmen can bring out from a simple fruit.

Do you like coffee us much as we do? Good. Imagine a box full of flavours, delivered to your doorstep every month. Sounds good, right? 



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Each month we select coffees from a different small batch roaster.


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