When we first started drinking coffee it was to stay awake during boring presentations and late homework hours. Back then we didn’t know coffee could be more than a cup of black bitter sludge. Coffee wasn’t something you drank to enjoy, but something to consume when you were tired. On a trip to Berlin, during a particularly warm spring, our energy wasn’t high enough to do anything else than to zigzag between cafés. That was when we found out some coffees are better than others. The last couple of days in Berlin we searched for the best cup of coffee, and since then, we do nothing else.


We are Jakob and Tobias, the founders of Bean Portal. We’ve now learned to appreciate coffee as a fruit instead of as only a source of caffeine. We are proud to bring you the first specialty coffee subscription, shipping world-wide from Sweden. We are proud to share all of the amazing coffees we taste. We hope you’ll join us.