Three Marks Coffee

Are you living in Barcelona or just visiting during the holidays? Then you have the chance to enjoy Three Marks Coffee's café and their delicious coffees. We're happy to collaborate with them and let our members taste their coffees in July's coffee box. We had a chat. Say hi!


We've heard that the name Three Marks Coffee comes from the founders' names, Marco, Marco and Marc. How did you all come together to start the roastery?

Marco De Rebotti and Marc Aguyé met while working in one of the greatest European coffee roasters in Barcelona. Marc was the manager there and Marco a roaster. Marco Paccagnella was a fond client, renting a studio space above the cafeteria. We started talking about join forces and skills to create a unique place, where the quality was the common thread, from the coffee to the branding and the interior.

Three Marks Coffee is one of the later roasters in Barcelona's coffee scene. How has Three Marks Coffee developed since you started and what is your focus going forward?

Our first goal was to open a cafeteria where people could feel at ease, just like in a local cafe, but with great coffee and amazing service. We want to keep our standard pretty high while going forward and in the future we would like to start travelling to the origin, to have a direct trade with the farms, a fair exchange with the producers, helping them grow new and better coffee.


We have three very tasty coffees from you in our July's box, Kwa-Kiinyu from Kenya, San Alberto from Colombia and Goro Hambella from Ethiopia. What makes these coffees special to you?

Kwa-Kiinyu has a peculiar sparkling acidity, while San Alberto tastes like a milky biscuit, perfect for a very balanced espresso. Goro Hambella is quite versatile and has a very interesting story behind its production.

In Sweden, we like to enjoy our coffee together with a cinnamon bun or a piece of cake. How do we best enjoy coffee from Three Marks Coffee?

We enjoy it with a nice chat on the side, surrounded by beautiful things and great energy.