The Broker


For November’s coffee box we have a roastery from Uppsala which means it’s as local as it can be. We’ve had a chat we the owner and the roaster Johan Sörensson.


What is the story about The Broker?

We are a speciality coffee roastery with the goal that the carefully roasted, traceable coffee will do justice to the passion and hard work invested by everyone in the coffee supply chain - from farmer to importer to roaster.

What has happened since you were last featured in Bean Portal three years ago?

Last summer we opened our combined roastery and coffee bar on the Ultuna campus of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala.

Are there any projects you are working on right now that you are extra excited about?

We are still focused on getting the Broker Coffee Bar exactly the way we want it!

What is your favourite way of enjoying a cup of coffee?

Every method has its advantages but Chemex may be a step ahead for me. Love that extra smooth mouthfeel.

How have you changed from when you started roasting?

I am starting to feel that I may have slowly begun to learn a little bit about roasting.

What can we expect from your coffees?

Great variety of origins, fascinating stories and tasty coffees with a slight emphasis on mouthfeel.