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Balck Coffee wants to take a step in the opposite direction to what the commercial coffee companies do. This means that Balck Coffee keeps track of the whole process from plant to cup. Everything sums up in a café in Kalmar, Sweden. A café that's hard not to like.


David Rubanzangabo is connected to 500 local farmers in South Butare where minimal impact on the environment and organic farming are important cornerstones in their philosophy of coffee. The farming is fully organic and the high quality is withheld partly thanks to microloans the farmers get to consistently have water flowing in the washing processing of the coffee. Huye Mountain grows amazing coffee with a philosophy that resonates with Balck Coffee's values as a roastery: fair conditions and a great respect for nature. Rwanda is one of Balck Coffees favourite countries for coffee. A real treat from the heart of Africa.


Antioquia is typically known for large coffee estates serving the commercial grade market, and this is still much the case. However, things might be changing as the younger generation is beginning to take over the production. Juan David Cardona is one of the producers Balck Coffee are working with in Antioquia. Together with a group of other young producers they have formed a group led by Juan Saldarriaga and supported by Nordic Approach that is looking at coffee production in this region with a new perspective. This proves why Antioquia has a massive potential with a cup profile that is distinct and different from the other Colombians.

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In Denbi Uddo in the Guji districts of southern Ethiopia, coffee farmer Faysel Abdosh runs Gigesa, a young coffee plantation cooperative which started in 2014. Since then Faysel and his team have built a school to support 1,000 students. They have future plans for building more schools and also dare to dream about generating a source of clean water for their community. This farming method gives the Diima Lot #4 a clean cup with sweet flavours and characteristics of tropical fruit. Balck has developed great respect and seen Faysel’s intentions firsthand to select and process only the highest-grade coffee. Balck Coffee loved this coffee so much that they decided to purchase the entire crop!